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Other publications from our group on related topics

  • Christian M, Hansen JLS, Carreiro-Silva M, Cunningham SA, de Froe E, Dominguez-Carrió C, Gary S, Glud RN, Göke C, Johnson C, Morato T, Møller EF, Rovelli L, Schulz K, Soetaert K, van der Kaaden A, van Oevelen D. (2023) Tidal to decadal scale hydrodynamics at two contrasting cold-water coral sites in the Northeast Atlantic. Prog. in  Oceanogr. https://doi. org/10.1016/j.pocean.2023.103031
  • Franco-Cisterna B, Glud A, Bristow LA, Rudra A, Sanei H, Winding MHS, Nielsen TG, Glud RN, Stief P (2022) Sinking carcasses as hotspots of microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling in the Artic. Front. in Mar Sci
  • Shiono K, Koshide A, Kazunari I, Oguri K, Fukao T, Larsen M, Glud RN. (2022) Imaging the snorkel effect during submerged germination in rice: Oxygen supply via coleoptile triggers seminal root emergence underwater. Front. Plant Sci. 13:946776
  •  Berg P, Huettel M, Glud RN, Reimers CE, Attard KM. (2022) Aquatic eddy covariance: The method and its contributions to defining oxygen and carbon fluxes in marine environments.  Annual Reviews of marine Science 14:431-455 DOI:10.1146/annurev-marine-042121-012329
  • Rovelli L, Olde LA, Heppell CM, Binley A, Yvon-Durocher G, Glud RN, Trimmer M. (2022) Journ. of Geophysical research: Biogeoscience. 127 : issue 1 Contrasting biophysical controls on carbon dioxide and methane outgassing from streams.
  • Hernes PJ, Tank SE, Sejr MK, Glud RN (2021) Element cycling and aquatic function in a changing Arctic.  Limnol. Oceanogr. 66:1-16.
  • De Clippele LH, Rovelli L, Ramiro-Sánchez B, Kazanidis G, Vad j, Turner S, Glud RN, Roberts JM. (2021) Mapping cold-water coral biomass: An approach to derive ecosystem functions. Coral Reefs 40:215-231.
  • Camillini N, Attard KM, Eyre BD, Glud RN, (2021) Resolving community metabolism of eelgrass Zostera marina meadows by benthic flume-chambers and eddy covariance in dynamic coastal environments.  Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser.  661:97-114

Last Updated 10.08.2023