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New project to develop a training program for cultural workers in rural areas

In February 2021, the project A “room” of their own – training cultural workers for facilitating rural youth culture will start. The project aims to develop and design a universal high-quality training program for cultural workers in rural municipalities and rural cultural institution in the EU.

The training program should provide the cultural workers with core competences to facilitate processes that can lead to the anchoring and building of a dynamic rural youth culture with their own room as an integrated space in their home rural area.

The project follows up on the structured dialogue among experts in the cultural sectors and on cultural recommendations from a report from the Voices of Culture, which among other things states a lack of cooperation across, and dialogue between, generations. 

Rural researcher Pia Heike Johansen is leading the project.

The project is funded by Erasmus+

Editing was completed: 12.01.2022