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Collection of essays

Experts give their views on Corona's imprint on buildings, cities and communities of the future

A new collection of essays from Realdania gives ideas on where and how we can rethink the everyday framework with the experience gained from the pandemic. Pia Heike Johansen has contributed with an essay about rythm and resonance in the country.

"Quality of life is in the rhythm. In knowing the beat and to the next one so that the body moves by itself and becomes a co-creater of the dance."

This is how rural researcher Pia Heike Johansen starts her essay on how COVID-19 for some became an eye-opener  for life quality in the countryside and how urban and rural residents had to find a common rythm in the small local communities.

The essay is a part of Realdanias new collection of essays "Reflektioner fra en pandemi", where 21 researchers and experts each reflects on the impact of the pandemic - and how it can create the potential for lasting change and new better solutions.

Through the chapters "Bolig og arbejdsliv", "By og land", "Kultur, fritid og fællesskab" og "Sundhed, teknologi og byggeri" the authors look at our situation now, historically and in the future. Both in the big perspective and in the small.

You can download the collection of essays for free at Realdanias website

Meet the researcher

Pia Heike Johansen is associate professor and rural researcher. Her research includes country-city relations focusing on landscape and business and cultural life. Pia is among other things leader of a Realdania project about life quality in everyday life.

Quality of life in remote and rural areas

A big Realdania research project looks into what gives people in remote areas their high quality of life. People in Denmark have a higher quality of life in the countryside but we know very little about why.

Rural researcher Pia Heike Johansen leads a sub-project of the research project that looks at everydaylife in the countryside. The project aims to clarify what quality of life is when you live in the countryside and how quality of life is a part of everyday life.

Read more about the project here

Order postcard book

There has as a part of the project been puplished a postcard book with the Danes' own pictures and stories. You can download it here

You can also get a copy of the book by writing here:


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