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Marketing challenges at retail stores

We invite you to a free webinar on latest research and future oulook

Physical retail stores in various industries are steadily under pressure in the digital age to retain their customers and not lose them to one of the tremendously increasing online competitors. This tendency has already started far before the Covid-19-pandemic, but the last two years have especially accelerated this process. Primary motives for consumers to switch from physical retail stores to online competitors are, amongst others, more variety with regard to choosing alternatives and higher price transparency including significantly perceived lower price levels. Thus, the effectiveness of marketing activities at retail stores gets more and more important to increase the attractiveness of retail stores and hence consumers’ evaluation of the shopping experience.

  • But what are current marketing challenges at retail stores?
  • How do digital self-service technologies affect consumers' privacy concerns at the point-of-sale?
  • How do other shoppers as well as service employees impact consumers’ shopping experience?
  • What could managerial solutions to those marketing challenges look like?

To provide latest research and practitioner insights on current marketing challenges in retail stores in the digital age, the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics, SDU Esbjerg, is pleased to invite you to attend the webinar 'Marketing challenges at retail stores: Latest research and future outlook'.

The aim of the webinar is to broaden and deepen our understanding of some recent marketing challenges at retail stores and what potential managerial solutions to these challenges could look like. The keynote speakers will provide both latest research as well as practitioner insights on this topic and hence enables a valuable knowledge exchange between academia and practice.

The webinar is free of charge, but you will need to register.

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