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Teaching activities

The Markets, Organization, and Behavior Research Group has developed and is main responsible for five study programs: BSc Economics & Business Administration, BSc Business Development in Practice, BSc + MSc Sport & Event Management, MSc Marketing & Innovation. The vast majority of ECTS taught in these programs are covered by members of the group. The choice of the profiles and the program structure reflects strongly the research focus areas of the group.


The research group also provides teaching in eight other programs (MSc Public Health, MSc Sports Science, BSc + MSc Cultural Sociology, MSc Environmental & Resource Management, MSc Economics, MA International Tourism & Leisure Management, European Master in Tourism Management, HD). This includes teaching courses at other SDU locations (Odense, Kolding, Sønderborg). Additionally, the research group offers PhD courses on a regular basis.


The research group implements research-based teaching by using state-of-the-art research papers as literature, which often includes own research (finished and work-in-progress) of the groups’ members. This directly reflects the close connection between the study profiles and the focus areas of the research group. Furthermore, students get the opportunity to use datasets from recent research projects to replicate published results. Research seminars held by guest researchers are open for all our students. Additionally, our research is teaching-driven in several ways. For example, students are closely involved in data collections (e.g. as interviewer) and, several times, excellent master theses have been the origin of research papers written together with the students as co-authors. If work-in-progress is presented in class, useful feedback of our students will be included in the final research output.