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Online seminar: The interactions between Covid-19 and elite football

Professor James Reade from the Department of Economics, University of Reading, will present his research on sports economics and the interactions between Covid-19 and elite football.

Almost every aspect of life has been turned upside down by Covid-19 over the last 15 months. Sport, and football in particular, provides a visible, but also highly measured, example of this disruption. Football matches have almost all taken place behind closed doors, competitions cancelled, cut short and rearranged.

This has enabled study of the impact social pressure on outcomes. The frequency and spatial ubiquity of football has also allowed investigation of the extent to which ostensibly outdoor events can aid the person-to-person spread of contagious diseases, as well as more in-depth study of the impact of Covid-19 on sporting outcomes, both via local prevalence in the community, and even within playing squads.

In this talk professor James Reade will review evidence spanning all of these different aspects of the interaction between Covid-19 and elite football.

James Reade is professor of economics at the Department of Economics, the University of Reading. 

Join the seminar

The seminar will be held online May 26th, 2021 from 14:00–15:00 on Zoom:

Read more about the seminar via this link

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