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Danish Center for Risk and Safety Management

Aim and objective

Danish Center for Risk and Safety Management (RISK) is a jointly operating research center between Aalborg University (Department of the Build Environment) and University of Southern Denmark (SEBE and Department of Public Health) which aims to conduct cross-disciplinary research on various domains of risks related to engineering, economics, natural resource management, climate change, energy transition, business management, OHSE, maritime safety, public health and other areas. 

The center also offers an international MSc degree in Risk and Safety Management to educate the next generation leaders and executives, so that they become experts in risk and safety management and decision-making process. The study programme is carried out in English and is offered at AAU and SDU campuses in Esbjerg to provide in-depth insights of social science and health science aspects of risk application integrated with engineering. 

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Affiliated researchers of SDU:


Dewan Ahsan ; Co-head of RISK and Associate Professor
Brooks Kaiser; Professor

Eva Roth; Associate Professor

Henning P. Jørgensen;  Associate Professor

Urs S. Brandt; Associate Professor

Lars Ravn-Jonsen; Associate Professor

Anja Leppin;  Professor (Health Promotion, Department of Public Health)

Hanna Barbara Rasmussen; Senior Researcher (CMSS, Department of Public Health)