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Knowledge exchange

The MERE group’s efforts for relevance and impact in the broader world include:


  • Efforts to establish academic programs and policy meetings that are select and of high quality in the form of a one-week training program with top-level input from SDU and international Experts.
  •  Development of a select network of experts (policy-makers, analysts, etc.) in natural resource and environmental economics who will contribute to our teaching and public events, with particular focus on Energy (Transition) Economics, Arctic and Baltic Ocean Issues, Marine Resource use and conservation, Ecosystem conservation and use, climate regulation, and technology, trade and development in an environmental and resource context.
  •  Information outreach for several ongoing research areas:
  • Assisting development of an annual alumni-focused event at SDU-Esbjerg and maintaining an active web presence for the research group through the above outreach pages and our twitter accounts@Mere_SDU and @MERE_ArcticSDU.