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More about Aqua-NbS



Aquatic nature-based solutions (NbS) are methods based on ecosystem restoration and/or in combination to soft engineering interventions to tackle climate change by working with people and nature towards sustainable development and net-zero emission. Furthermore, aquatic NbS provide climate adaptation and mitigation to further support rich biodiversity, building-up socio-ecological resilience.

Most aquatic NbS are uncoordinated and small-scale, focusing on one habitat or engineering solution. Current aquatic NbS endeavors thus have a limited impact on wide-scale ecosystem restoration, leaving a range of potential benefits and services untapped: carbon storage, climate regulation, water filtration, coastal protection, and food-web support to name a few.

The Elite Centre of Aquatic Nature-based Solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation (Aqua-NbS) will expand the provision of ecosystem services by moving from small-scale to integrated and large-scale aquatic NbS to achieve improved societal and ecological resilience. We apply a cross-disciplinary approach spanning the full land-sea continuum and incorporate a comprehensive range of technological, institutional, and socio-economic settings.

Our outcomes will include analysis of ecosystem functions and associated valuation of ecosystem services, and guidelines on the cost-effectiveness in upscaling aquatic NbS, addressing opportunities and challenges.

Last Updated 08.04.2024