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AOC3 nature Metabolism paper


Adipocyte gene expression in obesity – new review from ADIPOSIGN researchers

This month in Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, ADIPOSIGN researchers, Lasse Kruse Markussen and Susanne Mandrup provide a comprehensive review of the recent insight gained from studying adipocyte-specific gene expression during obesity.


ADIPOSIGN partner Zach Gerhart-Hines receives the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant

ADIPOSIGN partner and UCPH researcher Zach Gerhart-Hines from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences receives the prestigious European Research Council’s Consolidator Grant. The research objectives for the inspiring project HEAT-UP are heavily inspired by exciting findings in the ADIPOSIGN consortium.


Fat signals - Lipolysis acts as a key signaling hub

Last month in Nature Communications, ADIPOSIGN members from the Mandrup and Gerhart-Hines labs, along with international collaborators, published the discovery of lipolysis generates important metabolic signals that exert profound acute effects on the adipocyte transcriptome.


Center director contributes to national educational material on “Fat cells, genes, and the code of life”

Elementary school teachers and their pupils are invited to join a journey into ATLAS Center Director Susanne Mandrup’s research area and get an introduction to fat cells, genes, and the code of life.


Marleen Dommerholt receives postdoctoral fellowship from Danish Diabetes Academy

The Danish Diabetes Academy has awarded a postdoctoral fellowship of 1.2 million DKK to Marleen Dommerholt on the human ADIPOSIGN project, entitled ‘’Gender-specific signalling networks in human adipocytes’’.


Gerhart-Hines Group's GPR3 study selected for the cover illustration in Cell's June issue

It is a great honor to have an artwork selected for the cover of a prestigious magazine. Enjoy the mandala-inspired GPR3 artwork accompanying the Gerhart-Hines Group's paper on how lipolysis drives expression of the constitutively active receptor GPR3 to induce adipose thermogenesis


The Gerhart-Hines lab uncovers a means of self-sustained calorie-burning in brown fat

Last week in Cell, ADIPOSIGN members from the Gerhart-Hines, Babu, and Mandrup labs, along with Danish and international collaborators, published the discovery of an alternative means of GPCR-mediated adipose thermogenesis through the unique cell surface receptor, GPR3. GPR3 has a ‘built-in’ ligand and, therefore, is able to drive energy expenditure and fatty acid uptake in mouse and human adipocytes without an external ligand. Instead of classic liganded control, GPR3 is regulated at the transcriptional level through a signal from lipolysis. This work opens the door to exploring new modes of intracellular signaling and GPCR network interactions within adipocytes.


Madan Babu joins St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Madan Babu joins the Faculty of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the Structural Biology Department on July 1 as the endowed chair in Biological Data Science and Director of the Center of Excellence for Data-Driven Discovery.


ADIPOSIGN’s first annual meeting 2020 went hybrid, and it was a success

Plenty of distance, a combination of online and on-site activities, and enthusiastic center members made this year’s annual meeting possible and successful.


Molecular basis of human enhanceropathies - ENHPATHY

ENHPATHY is a multidisciplinary science consortium created in the frame of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions (MSCA)-ITN-ETN European Training Networks call and regrouping 15 academic and 9 non-academic European organisations in the continuum of basic, translational and clinical research on enhancers and associated diseases.


First ADIPOSIGN meeting

Successul first ADIPOSIGN meeting in Copenhagen


New ADIPOSIGN postdoc

Welcome to the ADIPOSIGN team Tania Quesada-López


Danish Adipocyte Network Meeting

ADIPOSIGN is happy to host the 3rd Danish Adipocyte network meeting



In May, The Center for Adipocyte Signaling (ADIPOSIGN) officially opened its doors at The University of Southern Denmark (SDU). ADIPOSIGN is associated with the DNRF Center for functional genomics and tissue plasticity (ATLAS) directed by Prof. Susanne Mandrup.


ADIPOSIGN in EMBO encounters

ADIPOSIGN: a focus on adipocyte signalling (page 15).