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  • Matthias Blüher (Professor, University of Leipzig, DE) is an international leader in the field of human obesity. He collaborates with us to provide clinical expertise and access to data and adipose tissue biopsies from a large human cohort.

  • Ruth Loos (Professor, Director Genetics of Obesity and Related Metabolic Traits Program, The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) is an international leader in field of adiposity-associated genetic traits and provides access to GWAS meta-analyses.

  • Nils J. Færgeman (Professor, SDU) is a leading expert in lipid metabolism and metabolomics and collaborates with us to investigate the impact of signal perturbation on adipocyte metabolism.

  • Bernd Wollscheid (Head of Proteomics, ETH, CH) is a leading expert in chemoproteomic techniques and provides expertise in surface proteomics.

  • Blagoy Blagoev (Professor, SDU, partner in ATLAS) is a leading expert proteomics and signal transduction in detection of signal transduction using (phospho)proteomics.

  • Aleksander Krag (Professor, SDU, partner in ATLAS) is a leading clinical expert in fatty liver diseases and provides access to fresh adipose tissue biopsies.
ADIPOSIGN is associated with the Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS) recently supported by center of excellence grant from the Danish Research Foundation and directed by Susanne Mandrup. The overarching aim of ATLAS is to understand adipose and hepatic tissue plasticity at a tissue-wide and cell type-resolved level during development and regression of obesity. The tissue-wide focus of ATLAS constitutes a highly complementary and synergistic framework for ADIPOSIGN.


ADIPOSIGN profits greatly from the infrastructure and technological know-how in the Functional Genomics & Metabolism Research Unit (e.g. in-house sequencing facility with single cell sequencing setup, robotics and bioinformatics pipeline) as well as at the NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research (e.g. advanced phenotyping setup for transgenic mice and access to extensive libraries of GPCR ligands).




The aim of ADIPOSIGN synergizes perfectly with the Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS) in elucidating adipose tissue function and signaling at the cellular level.