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Forskningsenheden for Almen Praksis

International Postgraduate Training Program for General Practice by the University of Southern Denmark

With the support of the Danish Ministry of Health and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Public Health and the Research Unit for General Practice, the University of Southern Denmark offers an international postgraduate training program for general practitioners, which is  partnered with the General Medicine Education Training Center of the Medical College of Zhejiang University in China; to facilitate the implementation of the world’s advanced education ideas for general practice, to promote the training of internationalized talents for primary healthcare management, to further implement the strategy of Healthy China and to foster the construction of graded diagnosis and treatment system. The international postgraduate training program is carried out in collaboration with the Medical College General Medical Education Training Center in Hangzhou, China.


1. Purpose of training

       Through systematic training, general practitioners from China will acquire specialist competences of GP on a high international level. They will get familiar with the concepts, techniques and methods of international GP patient management, and also have solid theoretical foundation and practical ability to contribute toward the development of GP in China as an integrated part of China’s future healthcare system.

2. Admission and qualification

2.1  Qualification

  • Participants must have finalized their medical degree (MD).'
  • Participants must be interested in working in or for GP in China.
  • Participants must have certain experience as a general practitioner.
  • Participants must be good at English (IELTS 6.5 or above is preferred).
  • The age is not more than 40 years old.
2.2  Number of training
        Up to 80 persons will be trained in this period.


3. Period of Training

       The training period lasts for one year.


4. Training methods

4.1  Language: All courses are taught in English.
4.2  Sino-foreign integration: Basic theory and professional modules (in total 7 weeks) are mainly taught face-to-face in Hangzhou (Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University), while some professional research training and clinical practice (in total 5 weeks) are conducted in Denmark.
4.3  Forms of running classes: Part-time and part-time classes.

5. Training courses

5.1  Pre-curriculum: English, Professional English, International Health Strategy, Modern Epidemiology and Statistics.
5.2  Degree courses: 7 professional modules, undertaken by Danish professors and ex-perts.
5.3  Clinical and teaching practice: 5 weeks in Denmark (4 weeks research training, 1 week clinical training).
5.4  Scientific research and dissertation: Each student will be required to complete relevant scientific research and write a dissertation at a level comparable to European Master's Degree Standards under the guidance of Chinese and foreign tutors.


6. Training Certificate

       Upon completion of all course modules and a positive evaluation of the thesis, the International Graduate Certificate of General Practice/Family Medicine (diploma and de-gree certificate) of the University of Southern Denmark can be awarded.


7. Training costs

       The training fee is charged to cover the education expenses. It excludes the costs of the trainees/students for their living, accommodation and transportation during the internship in Denmark.


Department of Public Health and Research Unit for General Practice, University of Southern Denmark


And the authorized partners:

General Medicine Education Training Center of Medical College of Zhejiang University, China
Nordic New Silkroad Cooperation ApS, Denmark.


September 1, 2019



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