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Conference Polariton Science


SDU TEK building

Program Polariton Science Conference

12.00 Registration & lunch 
 13.15  Welcome N. Asger Mortensen
 13.30  Quantum interactions of free electrons and confined optical modes  Javier García de Abajo
 14.30  Break  
 15.00 Mapping the optical excitations with electron beams Nahid Talebi
 16.00 Break  
 16.30  Metasurface-enabled single-photon emission  Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi
 17.30 Break   
 18.45 Beers and plasmonics  


 9.00  He-ion beam milling of high-end plasmonic nanostructures: Forces, strong coupling, nonlinearities  Bert Hecht
 10.00 Break  
 10.30 Nanophotonic quantum state generation and its applications
 Thomas Pertsch
 11.30 Break  
 12.00 TBA  Joel Yang
13.10   Visit to Egeskov Slot  
 16.30 Tours of selected labs at SDU POLIMA   
   Conference Keynote Speaker  
 18.00  Mapping Light-Matter Interactions Using Ultrafast Free Electrons  Ido Kaminer
 19.00 Reception  

 9.00 Programmable nanophotonics   Laura Na Liu  Invited talk
   Polariton-mediated modification of material properties  Johannes Feist
Invited talk
 10.00 Break    
 10.30 Inverse design of Polariton Devices Oliver Kuster Contributed talk
  3D printing of self-assembled metallic architectures: fabrication perspectives and its application in plasmonics
 Vasanthan Devaraj  Contributed talk
   Optimizing the Coupling of Light to Plasmons through Engineered Dipolar Scatterers   Saad Abdullah  Contributed talk
   Encapsulated void resonators in a lossy dielectric van der Waals heterostructure  Dorte Rubæk Danielsen  Contributed talk
  Entanglement in extreme nanophotonic cavities
Angela Demetriadou
Invited talk
 12.00 Lunch    


Controlling quantum noise with nonlinear interactions

Nicholas Rivera


Invited talk

 Quantum effects in the optoelectronic response of plasmon-exciton hybrid system  Antton Babaze  Contributed talk
  An T-matrix Method for Nonclassical Optical Response from Generic Nanospherical Boundaries  Xuezhi Zheng   Contributed talk
   Topological Origin of Chiral Gain in the Non-Hermitian Electro-Optic Effect

Filipa R. Prudêncio

 Contributed talk
  Subradiant Entanglement in Nanoplasmonics via Dissipation Angus Crookes  Contributed talk
 14.45 Poster session    
 16.15 Strong light-matter interaction in periodic and quasi-periodic systems  Andrea Toma  Invited talk


Thomas Christensen

Invited talk


Conference dinner at Restaurant Nordatlanten  
 9.00  Free-electrons optical nonlinearity in semiconductors  Cristian Ciraci  Invited talk
  Interactions of light with polar quantum systems  Karolina Slowik  Invited talk
10.00  Break    
 10.35  Tailoring the Cavity-Induced Interplay of Modes to Enhance Four-Wave Mixing over a Broadband Molecular Fingerprint Regime  Abhik Chakraborty  Contributed talk
   Nonlinear Plasmonics in Nanostructured Phosphorene  Line Jelver Contributed talk 
  Room-temperature valley polarization of excitonic emission in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers  Sergii Morozov  Contributed talk
  Second Harmonic Generation in 2D materials integrated on LiNbO3

Mariola Ramirez  Contributed talk
  Nonlinear effects driven by out-of-equilibrium electron dynamics in extreme ultraviolet near-zero index thin films  Andrea Marini  Invited talk
 12.00  Lunch    
 13.15  Exciton-polaritons and nonlocal plasmon-polaritons for emission and field enhancement  Stephane Kena-Cohen  Invited talk
  Madelung's approach for obtaining the hydrodynamic model of plasmon-polaritons in anisotropic systems  André Chaves  Contributed talk
   Polariton Smith-Purcell emission
Leila Rocio Prelat
 Contributed talk
  Required nanoscale precision for high efficiency metalenses
 Villads Egede Johansen  Contributed talk
   Tunable nonlinear plasmonic response in heavily doped semiconductor waveguides Gonzalo Alvarez Perez  Contributed talk
15.00  End of conference    





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