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Conference Polariton Science

4-7 June 2024, Odense, Denmark

Polariton Science Conference 2024

Featuring invited talks from emerging and renowned international research leaders, the conference will focus on the state-of-the-art and future directions of polariton-driven nanoscale light-matter interactions across diverse fields. The conference is supported by the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) and the University of Southern Denmark.



Conference topic

Polaritons are quasiparticles originating from the strong coupling of electromagnetic waves with dipole-carrying matter excitations; these can be plasmon oscillations of free electrons in metals, excitonic electron-hole pairs in semiconductors, or even phonon lattice vibrations in crystals. Polariton science embraces the mutual coupling of light and matter—colloquially, part-light part-matter excitations—governed by a rich interplay of electrodynamics and quantum physics.

Topics include:

  • Quantum plasmonics
  • Nonlinear nano-optics
  • Strong coupling
  • Electron-photon interactions
  • Ultrafast and non-equilibrium collective phenomena
  • Thermo-optical phenomena
  • Metasurfaces
  • Polaritons in two-dimensional materials
  • Nanoscale quantum electrodynamics
  • Tunable quantum light sources