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INTEGRA is based on modern mass spectrometry technology

Biological mass spectrometry research at SDU is based on the experience accumulated during more than 45 years of mass spectrometry research and education programs.

The SDU Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology hosts 11 research group leaders with documented expertise in biological mass spectrometry, including protein chemistry, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomic and computational biology experience.

Currently, more than 80 students, postdocs and staff are engaged in biological and biomedical mass spectrometry research at SDU Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Thus, the technical expertise to establish, apply, maintain and manage advanced research infrastructures is present.

We have numerous past and ongoing research collaborations with researchers at other Danish Universities and international institutions as documented by our publication records and co-authorships.

SDU is hosting the VILLUM Center for Bioanalytical Sciences established in 2013 directed by prof. Ole N. Jensen.

SDU is coordinating PRO-MS – Danish National Mass spectrometry Platform for Functional Proteomics established in 2015 and directed by Ole N. Jensen.

INTEGRA expands and complements the advanced mass spectrometry based research infrastructure at SDU.

Last Updated 21.01.2022