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Center for War Studies


Practices Stream program, Fall 2021


23. September, 16.00

Project presentation:

Nir Levitan (Center for Cold War Studies /Bar Ilan University): Scandinavia peacekeeping and United Nations Truce Supervision Organization to the Middle East (UNTSO).

Digital and in Mødelokale 7, Campus Odense.


21. Oktober, 16.00
Guest presentation:

Prof. Shlomo Shpiro, Paterson Professor of Intelligence and Security and Director of the Europa Institute at Bar-Ilan University:
“Israeli Intelligence and the Corona Crisis”.

Digital and in Mødelokale 7, Campus Odense.


4. November, 16.00

Ph.d.-project presentation

Dan Little: “Post-conflict Society and its Transformation Towards Stability: The Significance of Kosovo in Understanding Causality After International Intervention”

Mødelokale 7, Campus Odense.


25.-26. November

Conference in London: Need to Know X. The Intelligence Legacy of World War II and the onset of Cold War

SDU Center for Cold War Studies, Kings College London, Institute for National Remembrance, Norwegian Aviation Museum, International Centre for Defence and Security.


16. December, 17.00

Project presentation:

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Dieter K. Kollmer, Member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Cold War Studies:

“Procument in the German Armies during the Cold War” 

Digital and in Mødelokale 7, Campus Odense.


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