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The ambition of DECIDE is to diminish the burden of alcohol associated liver disease (ALD) and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) by developing decision aids and monitoring tools, which accurately predict liver-related outcomes at the index test, can be used for case-finding patients withadvanced fibrosis in the population, accurately diagnose subclinical steatohepatitis, and act as finetuned sensors for detection of changes in liver fibrosis. A significant barrier to increase health-related quality of life and reduce suffering is a stigma towards alcohol and obesity. Therefore, we also investigate measures to destigmatize liver disease in the population. By working interdisciplinary towards reducing the shame and guilt that afflicts patients with liver disease, we aim to go beyond the development of innovative decision aids, towards aiding the patient’s decision to take advantage ofsuch tools.

FLASH is coordinator of the DECIDE project. 

The following collaborators contribute to the DECIDE project:

  • Professor Ronit Shiri-Sverdlov, University of Maastricht
  • Professor Anne-Marie Mai, University of Southern Denmark
  • Leverforeningen (president Lone McColaugh)
  • Alkohol & Samfund (chief-of-staff Peter Konow)
  • Adipositasforeningen (president Per Nielsen)

The DECIDE project is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with 10 mill. DKK

Last Updated 07.02.2023