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IRS - The Epilepsyhospital Filadelfia

Research areas

The Epilepsy Hospital Filadelfia is a leading institution worldwide in the electroclinical characterization of patients with genetic epilepsies, the correlation of genotype-phenotype to pharmacological responses, and the advancement of personalized medicine. It engages in close partnerships with patient organizations and is supported by significant funding from external foundations, pharmaceutical companies, and patient associations. This funding is essential for creating new knowledge and developments in the areas of epilepsy genetics and pharmacological responses.

There is a strong emphasis on the rapid implementation of the latest research findings in clinical practice through close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team and various departments. Research and results are disseminated to patients, relatives, and professionals alike via conferences, networks, and social media.

Filadelfia hosts an international research environment that attracts research fellows from around the globe. It actively contributes to international research networks and the European Reference Network for rare and complex epilepsies.



Philadelphia, as a nationwide center with specialized offerings, has particular insight and expertise in epilepsy and acquired brain injury. This provides unique opportunities for research as well. We are at the forefront of documenting quality, research, and development nationally and internationally.

Philadelphia Epilepsy Hospital's research strategy and ambition

Philadelphia's research strategy aims to contribute knowledge about epilepsy and acquired brain injury - diagnosis, treatment, and social support. Research is necessary so that we can continually develop the best offerings. Our ambition as an epilepsy center is to become part of the world elite, and research is one of our targeted and highly prioritized strategies to achieve that.

All research activity is based on patients, users, and clients - and the results are used for their benefit.

Our patients and citizens should experience:

  • Personalized medicine as an integrated part of treatment
  • Welfare technology supporting treatment close to their everyday lives
  • Research also developing new approaches within the social field


Overview of our publications

Research areas at IRS The Epilepsyhospital Filadelfia

Last Updated 27.05.2024