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Service to authorities

The ecology group is involved in many collaborative projects with municipalities, agencies, ministries etc. That are incorporated as an important part of the ecology group's daily work. We participate e.g. In projects around the development of fresh and marine mitigation tools to palliate eutrophication, we monitor the effects of a large number these developed and implemented mitigation tools around Denmark. We contribute to the preparation of e.g. guidelines, feasibility studies and implementation of measures and tools in both marine and freshwater areas. In addition, we are represented in a number of reference groups and follow-up groups under various agencies and ministries, where we contribute with professional sparring. Finally, we contribute with professional ad Hoc sparring when needed. In the Marine front, we participate in the development and implementation of biogeochemical mechanistic models for the Danish fjords and marine waters. We  participate on the evaluation and revise the implementation of national plans such as the Danish River Basing Management plans (RBMP), or the marine habitat directive. In addition we are deeply involved on the implementation and further development of range of marine mitigation tools active in the present RBMP (hereby eelgrass transplantation, sand capping and reestablishment of stone and mussel beds, see restoration chapter).

List of past and ongoing activities:

- Bidrag til katalog over fosforvirkemidler 
- Bidrag til vejledning omkring gennemførsel af sørestaurering 
- Ekstensiv overvågning af afstrømning fra nyetablerede vådområder på lavbundsjorde. Projekt finansieret af Landbrugsstyrelsen
- Udførelse af metodeudvikling og overvågning af udvalgte lavbundsprojekter og kvælstofvådområder. Partner I projekt finansieret af Miljøstyrelsen


Last Updated 10.08.2023