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Climate adaptation

Climate change is an essential part of many of our research projects. The group has strong competences in climate adaptation, where we are studying e.g. the effects of storm water outlets in the environment and evaluating the effects of treatment methods such as nature based solutions, storm water ponds, rain wardens, sustainable urban drainage systems, managed realignment and other methods to avoid consequences of  sea level rise and storm surge on coastal areas and habitats. This is complemented by expertise in modelling and GIS, where we evaluate the consequences single or multiple parameters associated to climate changes at varying scale, from local (basing scale) to national level. Other expertise’s in the group involves research within blue carbon storage and carbon storage by nature-based solutions. We are cooperating with authorities (agencies and municipalities) and companies (consultants, utility companies and producers).

Research projects:

  • Interreg NEPTUN-  Climate adaptation innovation project in cities.
  • Find a lake - A citizen science project - citizens collection water samples in Danish lakes for nutrient analysis. 
  • Stream biodiversity and environmental quality depending on catchment characteristics and discharges. 
  • Gyldensteen Strand – large managed realignment project in North Fyn, restoration of a coastal lagoon and lake.  
  • Nordsalt - Nature-based solutions for coastal protection and carbon capture 
  • Effects of climate related sea level rise and storm surge on coastal habitats 
  • Citizen science project at Arwos