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Centre for Sports, Health and Civil Society


Read about collaborations at Centre for Sports, Health and Civil Society.

Universities and Research Institutions

- Mulier Institute
- Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
- Umea University
- University of Bern
- University of Debrecen
- Aalborg University
- Griffith University
- Victoria University
- UiT-Alta

Sports Organizations

- Danish Football Association
- Danish Sports Federation
- Danish Company Sports Federation
- DGI (Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations)
- Sports Analysis Institute

Other Organizations

- Center for Voluntary Social Work
- Danish Youth Council
- Danish Outdoor Council
- Heart Association
- Jysk Analysis
- The Good Life Company
- The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

Foundations/Research Councils

- The Independent Research Fund Denmark
- Local and Landscape Fund
- Nordea Foundation
- Realdania
- Novo Nordisk Foundation

Municipalities, Regions, and Public Authorities

- Region of Southern Denmark
- Danish Health Authority
- Ministry of Immigration and Integration

CISC collaborates with nearly all municipalities in the research and communication project "Denmark in Motion" and has worked with half of the municipalities in the research project "Future Sports Facilities."

Last Updated 19.10.2023