BSc in Economics and Business Administration – International Economics and Business Relationships

This programme is offered in Sønderborg and in English

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International Economics and Business Relationship (admission area code 19215)

Do you want to:

- acquire an in-depth knowledge of business economics?
- give an international perspective to your education?
- learn to use English as a working language?
- join a challenging, international study environment?
- stay rooted in European business culture?
- take a part of your education abroad?

.... then the BSc in Economics and Business Administration – International Economics and Business Relationships at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg is the obvious choice.

Two birds with one stone
The business world is becoming increasingly internationalized. Today, this goes not only for major conglomerates, but for many small and medium-sized companies as well. This development challenges the received ideas about knowledge of business economics and language skills. As English is the modern means of communication – not only in the English-speaking countries – a thorough knowledge of the language is a necessary condition for a career in a business or organization. With the English-language bachelor in Economics and Business Administration you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. You will obtain solid language skills in addition to a comprehensive knowledge of business economics seen in a global as well as regional context. Internationally active enterprises are increasingly playing a part in the development of their areas of implantation at regional rather than national level. Sønderborg Campus is suitably placed in a historically disputed border region to provide business students with a European regional perspective on global business as well as an international atmosphere. 

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