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Factsheet by Christian Gerlach

Group leader: Christian Gerlach
Group members: 3: Christian Gerlach (Prof. MSO), Solja K. Klargaard (ph.d-student), Christina Desireé Kühn (ph.d-student).
Department & University/Hospital/Other: Department of Psychology, University of Southern Denmark
Funding sources: DFF | Humanities

Description of research:

Experimental psychology, neuropsychology and neuroimaging focussing on:

• Face recognition (in congenital/developmental prosopagnosics and normal participants)

• Visual object recognition (mainly in normal participants but also in brain damaged patients)

• Word recognition (in dyslexia, alexia)

Key publications (last 10 years):

Gerlach, C. (2009). Category-specificity in visual object recognition. Cognition 111(3), 281-301. doi: 10.1016/j.cognition.2009.02.005.
Gerlach, C., and Gainotti, G. (2016). Gender differences in category-specificity do not reflect innate dispositions. Cortex 85, 46-53. doi: 10.1016/j.cortex.2016.09.022.
Gerlach, C., Klargaard, S.K., and Starrfelt, R. (2016). On the Relation between Face and Object Recognition in Developmental Prosopagnosia: No Dissociation but a Systematic Association. PLoS One 11(10), e0165561. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0165561.
Gerlach, C., Zhu, X., and Joseph, J.E. (2015). Structural similarity exerts opposing effects on perceptual differentiation and categorization: an FMRI study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 27(5), 974-987. doi: 10.1162/jocn_a_00748.
Klargaard, S.K., Starrfelt, R., Petersen, A., and Gerlach, C. (in press). Topographic processing in Developmental Prosopagnosia: preserved perception but impaired memory of scenes. Cognitive Neuropsychology.
Starrfelt, R., Habekost, T., and Gerlach, C. (2010). Visual processing in pure alexia: a case study. Cortex 46(2), 242-255. doi: 10.1016/j.cortex.2009.03.013.

Key collaborations:

Danish: Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen; Department of Radiology, Odense University Hospital.

International: Multimodal Imaging Group, Norwegian Center for Mental Disorders Research (NORMENT), Oslo University Hospital; Department of Neuroscience, Medical University of South Carolina, USA; LaPsyDÉ, CNRS, Université Paris Descartes, Université Caen Normandie, Institut Universitaire de France (IUF), Paris, France.


Experimental facilities for conducting traditional experimental/neuropsychological investigations (measurement of reaction times, eye-tracking etc.) at the department.

Access to 3T MR-scanner (at Odense University Hospital) for doing fMRI/MR.

Last Updated 29.03.2022