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All searches are made with keywords for BRIDGE's subject areas, and which researchers in Denmark must be able to search.
The exception is No. 7, which is a list of the largest Danish funds (those that have a distribution> DKK 400 million per year); it is not specific to BRIDGE's areas.

  • Danish funds relevant to BRIDGE - link.
  • International funds, research grants (not NIH) - link.
  • International funds, career support of various types (not NIH) -link.
  • European private funds - link.
  • NIH (National Institutes of Health), US government research funding - link.
  • US Private Funds - link.
  • The large Danish funds (with an annual distribution> DKK 400 million) - link.

Department of Clinical Research University of Southern Denmark

  • Winsløwparken 19, 3. sal
  • Odense C - DK-5000
  • Phone: +45 6550 9254

Last Updated 25.05.2021