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Masterclass: Neuroimmunology in multiple sclerosis

It will take place both days at Winsløwsparken at OUH. The program will consist of one day with presentations and one day with article discussion. 


Thursday, October 7, 9-16 o' clock:

Zsolt Illes

1.    Introduction to MS - 45 min

2.    Strategy to diagnose and treat an MS patient: discussion of a case - 45 min

3.    Differential diagnosis of MS: solving 3 cases together - 45 min


Roberta Brambilla

4.    Neuroinflammation and neuro-immune interactions in MS pathology - 45 min

5.    Animal models of MS - 45 min

6.    Oligodendrocytes: not only targets but active participants in MS pathology - 45 min


Friday, October 8, half day:
Article discussion.

Registration for the course:

There is a maximum number of participants of 25. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the event:

Last Updated 22.06.2022