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Center for Muscle and Joint Health


Center for Muscle and Joint Health is a collaboration between three research units. See an overview of all employees here.

Research Unit of Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Jonas Bloch  Thorlund  Professor, Head of Research Unit  +4565503894 
Carsten  Juhl  Professor  +4565509454 
Ewa Maria  Roos  Professor  +4565504331 
Søren Thorgaard  Skou  Professor  +4565504893 
Merete  Møller  Assistant Professor  +4565504811 
Birgit  Juul-Kristensen  Emeritus  +4565503412 
Alessio  Bricca  Postdoc  +4565509510 
Behnam  Liaghat  PhD Student  +4565504871 
Graziella  Zangger  PhD Student  +4565501908 
Jan Arnholtz  Overgaard  PhD student   
Julie Kasten Rønne  Pedersen  PhD Student   
Kasper  Søndergaard  PhD Student   
Mette Falk  Brekke  PhD student   
Merete Celano  Wittenkamp  PhD Student   
Dorte Thalund  Grønne  Ph.D. fellow  +4565509387 
Anders Christer  Larsen  Research Assistant   
Mette  Dideriksen  Project Coordinator  +4565504827 
Jonas Majland  Grønne  Student   

Research Unit of Physical Activity and Health in Working life

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Louise  Sandal  Associate Professor, Head of Research Unit  +4565504384 
Karen  Søgaard  Professor  +4565504409 
Gisela  Sjøgaard  Professor Emeritus  +4565503456 
Andreas  Holtermann  Adjunct Professor   
Mette Jensen  Stochkendahl  Associate Professor  +4565504524 
Tina  Dalager  Associate Professor  +4565508317 
Maja  Schønheyder  Ph.D. fellow  +4565508932 
Stavros  Kyriakidis  Ph.D. fellow   
Kathrine Greby  Schmidt  PhD Fellow  +4565502601 
Anders Dreyer  Frost  PhD Student   
Charlotte Brøgger  Bond  PhD Student  +4565503977 
Ilaria Marcella  Piccinini  Research Assistant   
Philip  Wolfgang  Research Assistant  +4565507549 

Research Unit of Clinical Biomechanics

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Jan  Hartvigsen  Professor, Head of Research Unit  +4565504522 
Alice  Kongsted  Professor WSR  +4565504531 
Lise  Hestbæk  Professor WSR  +4565504530 
Per  Kjær  Professor WSR  +4565504553 
Tue Secher  Jensen  Professor WSR  +4565504849 
Gregory Neil  Kawchuk  Adjunct Professor   
Pierre  Côté  Adjunct Professor   
Werner  Vach  Adjunct professor   
Bodil Al-Mashhadi  Arnbak  Associate Professor  +4565503912 
Henrik  Lauridsen  Associate Professor  +4565503487 
Rikke Krüger  Jensen  Associate Professor   
Rie Castella  Toftgaard  Teaching Associate Professor, Vice Head of Studies  +4565504783 
Casper Glissmann  Nim  Assistant Professor   
Melker  Johansson  Assistant Professor  +4565503673 
Stine H.  Clausen  Assistant Professor  +4565507679 
Rikke Arnborg  Lund  Teaching Assistant Professor  +4565501786 
Lise Lykke  Oddershede  Lecturer  +4565502690 
Susanne Brogaard  Krogh  Lecturer   
Sune Hougaard  Nielsen  Lecturer  +4565504498 
James  Young  Postdoc  +4565504056 
Klaus  Doktor  PhD Student  +4565504847 
Line  Dragsbæk  PhD Student  +4565507271 
Søren  Grøn  PhD Student  +4565507198 
Bibi Dige  Heiberg  PhD fellow  +4565509541 
Lone  Siegismund  External Lecturer   
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