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Research areas

At PhyLife, we are united by our fascination with the biophysical aspects of living systems. Our focus encompasses the intricate dynamics of membranes and protein interactions, alongside the study of soft materials such as polymers, liquid crystals, colloids, and surfactants.

Our work spans a wide range of methodologies, integrating theoretical models and statistical physics with in-depth laboratory experiments. These experiments range from observing live cells and model membranes to engaging in computational studies, allowing us to delve deep into the physical principles that govern biological systems.

Moreover, PhyLife is privileged to host the Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DAMBIC), positioning us at the cutting edge of biological imaging. Through DAMBIC, we have access to state-of-the-art fluorescence microscopy techniques, including super-resolution microscopy. This technology empowers us to investigate biophysical phenomena with unprecedented clarity and precision.

Our interdisciplinary approach not only enriches our research but also fosters a collaborative environment that is conducive to groundbreaking discoveries. At PhyLife, we are passionate about exploring the frontier of physical life sciences, continually pushing the boundaries of what is known about the physical underpinnings of life itself.

Last Updated 07.03.2024