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Research Center for Person-centered Rehabilitation

Research areas

The purpose of the Research Center for Person-Centered Rehabilitation is to initiate and establish research activities that promote the best possible functional ability and quality of life for individuals with rehabilitation needs.

What is Person-Centered Rehabilitation?

Person-Centered Rehabilitation describes an approach and collaborative process to enable a meaningful life with the best possible activity and participation for individuals with reduced functional ability. The starting point is the person's perspectives and their entire life situation.

Person-Centered Rehabilitation is based on the biopsychosocial model to enable a holistic understanding of illness and health. Rehabilitation is a collaborative process involving the individual, family members, professionals, and other relevant parties. Rehabilitation interventions are targeted, coherent, and evidence-based, taking into account the person's perspectives and their entire life situation. Person-centered, in this context, is understood as respect for and integration of individual diversity in rehabilitation.

About the Research Center

The Research Center for Person-Centered Rehabilitation is anchored at the Clinical Institute (KI) at SDU (University of Southern Denmark) and engages in activities related to the university's three main tasks: research, education, and dissemination.

The center is for researchers conducting research in Person-Centered Rehabilitation. In close collaboration with relevant stakeholders, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral rehabilitation practices are investigated. The research focuses on new interventions where the biopsychosocial model is incorporated into rehabilitation to enable a holistic understanding of illness and health. Additionally, research is conducted on models for developing and implementing new evidence-based knowledge in individuals' rehabilitation processes and everyday life, as well as in professional education and practice.

The center's collective activities support and enhance research and teaching activities related to evidence-based practice, the establishment of and participation in national and international networks, growth forums, dissemination, and ensuring the research environment in the field of rehabilitation, including the connection between education, clinical practice, and research.

The Research Center supports career paths for researchers across disciplines and sectors who wish to conduct research in Person-Centered Rehabilitation.

Research Committee

The activities of the Research Center are organized and administered by a research committee consisting of 2-3 researchers affiliated with the center. The committee's tasks include planning activities such as four annual networking meetings where seminars can be held, ten group meetings per year, and two annual writing retreats.

Last Updated 30.06.2023