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IRS Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospitals

Research areas

Hospital of South West Jutland (Esbjerg and Grindsted) is one of Denmark's largest emergency hospitals and the largest regional hospital in the region. This provides a research force in the translation of new research results directly into clinical practice for our patients. At Hospital of South West Jutland, many clinicians are also researchers, and they develop their field through research


Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospital excel in conducting patient-centred, clinic-focused, and implementable research. There is a single point of entry for researchers, partners, and funds aimed at research support and development.

The regional master’s programme in medicine is physically located at Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospital, with training and environment closely linked to clinical practice. Training and research in compassion for staff and students are part of the innovation within the educational field.

Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospital have a well-functioning and agile organisational structure and culture with a close connection between the management, department leaderships, clinic, patients, research, and education - including across different disciplines.

Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospital are situated in a part of Denmark that requires special attention to recruitment and career paths for staff, where research and education are therefore highly prioritised.

Our Researchers

Research at IRS Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospitals is carried out by employees from Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospitals. Our PhD students, postdocs, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors are affiliated with the Department of Regional Health Research at the University of Southern Denmark.

At Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospitals, research is conducted in accordance with the policy for Health Research in the Region of Southern Denmark and strategies set by the Research Strategy Council at Esbjerg and Grindsted Hospitals.


Our research strategy (in Danish)

Overview of our publications

Research areas at Hospital of South West Jutland

Last Updated 11.04.2024