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Research areas

Leading hospital in rheumatology research and treatment

The overarching goal of the research unit is to investigate and develop strategies for recognition and management of patients with inflammatory rheumatic conditions, mainly focusing on rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthropathies and psoriatic arthritis.

The research unit performs pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological research and involves patients as research partners with the aim to achieve personalized care according to the patients’ physical, psychological and social situation.The present research focus is on clinical rheumatology and areas of priority are:

  • Early diagnosis and monitoring by serological and imaging markers
  • Occurrence and impact of inflammatory rheumatic conditions
  • Investigation and management of inflammation and comorbidities
  • Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral rehabilitation


Overview of our publications

Danish Centre for Expertise in Rheumatology

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Last Updated 29.03.2023