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Felix Boel Pedersen

PhD Fellow
Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Felix Boel Pedersen has been a member of Blagoy Blagoev’s research group since 2016, where he has been studying the effects of post-translational modifications by ubiquitin-like proteins. He went on to complete his bachelor project, on overcoming the species-limited functionality of recombineering, in George Church’s research group at Harvard University in 2018. Upon returning to SDU, he joined Kedar Natarajan’s research group, to develop multi-omics protocols for single-cell analysis, before finally rejoining Blagoy Blagoev’s research group. 

Felix has since returning to Blagoy Blagoev’s research group, been working in the field of functional proteomics and tissue plasticity as part of ATLAS. As of February 2020, he became employed as a PhD student at ATLAS in the 4+4 enrollment program. In ATLAS, he is applying data-indenpendent acquisition in mass spectrometry along with bioinformatics to study changes in the proteome of hepatic and adipose tissue in response to diet-induced obesity and regression.