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Research Dissemination Prize 2019 to ATLAS researcher


Big congrats to Associate Professor, MD, PhD in ATLAS, Maja Sofie Thiele.

Maja makes excellent dissemination of her research results at expertly recognized international conferences  and she has also published a number of articles in scientific journals as a first author. 

But in addition to the more traditional professional dissemination of research results, Maja Thiele has a passion for disseminating her research far more broadly. As Maja says: "Research loses its value  if it cannot be told  to the people, for whom research is being made".

In 2019, Maja became the radio host for the P1 program on Danish National Radio; Sygt nok(Sick Enough), which has more than 100,000 listeners per week. She has also made a collaboration with , where in collaboration they have made a number of articles and videos that convey knowledge about the liver and what does a Liver do? Maja is also an active lecturer at Folkeuniversitet (The University Extension Service in Denmark), Forskningensdøgn (The annual Danish Science Festival) etc.