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Measuring tiny interactions between proteins with the Octet


The new Octet biolayer interferometry instrument

The Moestrup-Graversen group recently received the ATLAS financed biolayer interferometry (BLI) instrument Octet RED96e system from Pall Fortebio. The Octet is a really cool instrument that can be used to characterize very small interactions such as protein-protein and protein-small-molecule. This can even be done in real time, thus providing kinetics information. The fluid free design enables measurements even in crude and rather complex samples, such as plasma and tissue homogenate. Further, it can be used for protein quantification and as a high-throughput system for screening and selection of effective antibodies from an antibody repertoire.

In ATLAS context it will be used to characterize the potential receptor-ligand interactions identified from the genomic characterization on a protein level. In addition, it will serve as a tool for screening of the binding of antibodies to identified targets and other proteins of potential interest in modulation of liver cells.