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Towards a fast corona test


Together with colleagues at SDU, ATLAS researcher, Associate Professor Jonas Heilskov Graversen collaborates with the Danish biotech company BioPorto A/S to develop a COVID-19 test for early and fast detection of infected patient. The preliminary analytical studies show promising results and the work towards launch continues.

Graversen’s group has a large expertise in generation of monoclonal antibodies, an expertise they have established over many years, and which is a valuable tool in the work they perform in ATLAS. Using newly developed methods for viral handling as well as the Octet RED96e Biolayer interferometry instrument co-funded by ATLAS for rapid screening of antibody panels, they develop antibodies that selectively recognizes antigens on the virus surface. This interaction can be shown on BioPorto’s technology Generic Rapid Assay Device platform (gRAD). The aim is to develop a test that based on a saliva sample or a pharyngeal swab, can tell you whether you are COVID-19 negative or positive in just 10 minutes without use of additional equipment. Thus, sampling and testing can take place on-site, e.g. in an airport, a stadium, or at home.

The test is helpful for early diagnosis of COVID-19 patients, which in turn can aid officials to improve epidemic control, but also importantly so that medical facilities can implement appropriate precautions and treatment immediately and thereby improve patient outcome.

The biotech company aims to launch the corona test before year-end 2020. Meanwhile, the Graversen group continues their work on ATLAS and other projects, knowing that they made a difference in these special times.

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