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Five young researchers join ATLAS this Fall


Five young researchers will join ATLAS this Fall. Two postdocs and three PhD fellows will spend the coming three years working on various projects within the ATLAS framework. We give a warm welcome to:


Babukrishna Maniyadath

Krishna joins us from September 1 as a postdoc in Prof. and Center Director Susanne Mandrup’s group. She has a background as engineer in biotechnology and a doctorate in molecular physiology. Most recently, she has studied the metabolic regulation of chromatin organization and hepatic genome architecture. In ATLAS she will investigate adipose tissue plasticity during development and regression of obesity.


Frederik Larsen

As of October 15, Frederik joins the research group of Assoc. Prof. Kim Ravnskjær as a postdoc. His background is within molecular biology and his experience with RNA-sequencing and bioinformatics perfectly fits ongoing research in Kim Ravnskjær’s group. In ATLAS, he will work with single cell transcriptomics and spatial transcriptomics to study hepatic tissue plasticity.


Nicolaj Ibsgaard Toft

In September Nicolaj will join the Grøntved group as a PhD fellow. He completes his Master studies on dynamic hepatic chromatin remodeling in August and will subsequently pursue a project aiming to uncover gene regulatory networks in the healthy and diseased liver using single cell transcriptomics and epigenomics.


Ellen Gammelmark and Daniel Hansen

Supported by funding from the Danish Diabetes Academy and SDU, Ellen and Daniel will enroll as PhD fellows by September 15. Ellen joins the Mandrup group to work on her project on “Adipose Tissue Plasticity and Cellular Crosstalk at Single-Cell Resolution during Regression of Obesity”. The hope is to obtain insights which can aid in the development of effective strategies to prevent weight regain after successful weight loss. For the next three years, Daniel will work in the Ravnskjær group on his project “Spatiotemporal Deconstruction of Microvascular Decay in Non-alcoholic Steatophepatitis (NASH)”. His studies will serve the exploration of rational targets for future therapeutic interventions in chronic liver disease and associated vascular changes in the liver.


We look very much forward to collaborating with all of these young talents.

ATLAS Recruitments for the Fall 2020