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Annual University Celebration

2023 Innovation Prize

The Innovation Award 2023 goes to the interdisciplinary team behind the Narrative Medicine project. The project is an excellent example of how scholars from the humanities and medicine can innovate together and contribute to the improvement of the Danish healthcare system. The group has, among other things, created a mandatory course in the medical education programme at SDU, which links works of fiction with patient communication, and creative writing and reading aloud with rehabilitation. The group also organises creative writing workshops for patients and community reading sessions for elderly men to improve their mental health.

The team behind Narrative Medicine are: Anders Juhl Rasmussen, Anette Bygum, Anette Søgaard Nielsen, Anita Wohlmann, Anna Paldam Folker, Anne Marie Mai, Cindie A. Aaen Maagaard, Helle Ploug Hansen, Maja Thiele, Merethe Kirstine Andersen, Mette Marie Kristensen, Morten Sodemann og Peter Simonsen.

Innovationsprisen 2023

Last Updated 01.11.2023