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Annual University Celebration

The Annual University Celebration is held at SDU on the last Friday in October.

The Annual University Celebration consists of an opening ceremony in the university's auditorium 45 at Campusvej and an evening event taking place across the entire university.

Opening and awards ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Annual University Celebration begins with speeches by the Chair of the Board, the Rector and the student representative as well as a celebratory lecture. Honorary doctorates and doctoral degrees are conferred and awards are presented for research dissemination, teaching, innovation, TAP and honorary alumnus.

University celebration

After the opening ceremony, the celebration spreads to the entire University campus on Campusvej, and guests, staff and students sit down to the celebratory dinner. During the evening, even more people will flock to the event when various bands and DJs take to the stage. In total, more than 4,000 people will participate.

Only invited guests and SDU staff and students have access to the annual party.

The Annual University Celebration consists of two parts: a formal opening ceremony held at the University's Auditorium 45 on Campusvej and an evening event held across all of SDU.

During the opening ceremony, there will be speeches by the Chairman of the Board, the Rector, a student representative and the recipient of this year's Research Dissemination Prize. In addition, doctorates and honorary doctorates are appointed and a number of prizes are awarded. All of this is spiced up with musical performances.

After the opening ceremony, the celebrations spread throughout the University on Campusvej with, among other things, a gala dinner and various bands and DJs.

On this page you can, among other things, view the recipients of the prizes at the 2021 Annual University Celebration.

Last Updated 27.10.2023