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ReThinking Food

Our global food system touches all 17 of the UN’s sustainability goals and pressures all nine planetary boundaries for safe human habitation. As a consumer, you have power to transform our food system by choosing what you eat. Your choices can drive an increase or decrease in the availability of products. This transformation is not an overnight process, nor can it be driven by one individual alone. Large scale, practical solutions are essential. However, big changes start with a first step.

ReThinking Food uses the the WWF and Knorr Future 50 Foods Report as a starting point to examine citizen engagement with international food and sustainability advice. To ensure benefit for both scientists and the community, we ask: 

  • What is required for top-down reports to be effective and lead to changes in practice? 
  • How might citizens be empowered to drive both top-down and bottom-up societal change? 

Over three months, people from all over Denmark are working together to better understand how to use international sustainability advice to transform our cooking and eating habits to be healthier—for ourselves, our families, our households, our planet. Join us!