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Annual University Celebration

2014 Annual University Celebration

The Annual University Celebration consists of an official part in the university’s auditorium 45 at Campusvej and an evening event on the entire university.


The celebration opens with an official part consisting of speeches by the Vice-Chancellor and a student representative, after which there is a celebration lecture. This is followed by the awarding of doctorates and honorary doctorates and by the presentation of the prize for research dissemination and awards for teaching excellence. This entire section of the evening is interspersed with musical contributions.

Party on campus

Once the official business is over, the celebration extends to include the entire university on Campusvej, with around 2,000 guests, staff and students sitting down to enjoy the celebration dinner. Yet more students will arrive during the course of the evening, as various bands strike up for dancing.

Attendance to the annual celebration is restricted to invited guests, staff and students at the University of Southern Denmark.

Last Updated 28.10.2022