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Ann-Britt Marcher

Staff scientist, PA
Susanne Mandrup Lab

Phone: +45 6550 2364

My name is Ann-Britt, and I am employed as Personal Assistant (PA)  for Prof. Susanne Mandrup. 

I have studied biomedicine at SDU and did my bachelor project in Susanne’s group back in 2008. I liked the group and the science and stayed in the group for several projects before I started as 4+4 PhD student with Susanne as supervisor, in 2010. 

In my PhD project I studied lipid metabolism and adipose tissue development in transgenic mouse models and became responsible for management of the mouse colonies in the group. The many years as a student in Susanne’s group has given me a strong background in molecular biology, animal experimentation and mouse colony management combined with project administration. 

In 2015 Susanne decided to employ me as a Personal Assistant, and today I support and teach our students how to manage mouse colonies, and I function as our Functional Genomics & Metabolism administrator where I coordinate and support administrative tasks in our research unit.