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Lasse Lehtonen

Susanne Mandrup Lab

Phone: +45 6550 9220

I have been a member of the Mandrup research group since 2016, where I joined as a bachelor student to investigate transcriptional regulators involved in the glucose-stimulated proliferative response in insulin-producing pancreatic β-cells. 

In 2018, I was employed as a PhD student in the Mandrup group, where I am working on uncovering the compensatory transcriptional mechanisms in β-cells during early development of insulin resistance and obesity in type 2 diabetes. The main focus of my research is to deploy transgenic knockout mouse models to investigate the role of specific transcription factors in pancreatic β-cells in response to nutritional challenges. I have also been involved in developing transgenic models to interrogate transcriptomes in situ from pancreatic β-cells. My work includes combining transgenic models and applying genome-wide sequencing techniques to better understand the plasticity of the endocrine pancreas during disease development.