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Marcus Nygård

PhD Student
Susanne Mandrup Lab

Phone: +45 6550 8292

I completed my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in molecular biology at the University of Bergen in Norway. After graduation, I moved to Denmark and joined the Mandrup group, where I'm currently working as a PhD student.

During my Master's degree, I conducted research in Professor Nils Halberg's lab at the University of Bergen. Our focus was on understanding the effects of diet-induced obesity on the development and progression of pancreatic cancer. We used in-vivo model systems and proteomics methods to unravel this complex relationship. This experience sparked my interest in transcriptional and epigenetic regulation.

Currently, my research revolves around investigating how epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms govern the lineage commitment and determination of human mesenchymal stem cells. To study these processes, we employ various NGS-based methods, such as ChIP-Seq, DNase-Seq, and Hi-C.