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Isabell Victoria Strandby Ernst

PhD Student
Susanne Mandrup Lab


I joined the Mandrup group in 2018 as a bachelor student, where I studied the regulation of a key-transcription factor involved in glucose-induced proliferation. As of February 2020, I was employed as a PhD student in the Mandrup group in the 4+4 enrollment program. My project focuses on pancreatic β-cell plasticity within the context of diet induced obesity and insulin-resistance in type 2 diabetes.

I aim to understand the transcriptional networks underlying the early adaptive and pathophysiological changes that occur within pancreatic β-cells in response to nutritional overload using single-cell omics and immunohistochemistry.

My studies will hopefully provide novel insight into transcriptional mechanisms and novel mediators that drive β-cell adaptation, some of which may constitute therapeutic targets for prevention and treatment of diabetes.