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Previous Microeconomics seminars



March 11

Alexander Westkamp, University of Cologne: "Strategy-Proof Exchange under Trichotomous Preferences"

April 15

Sotiris Georganas, City University London: "Driving to the Beat: Reputation vs Selection in the Taxi Market"

May 13

Luca Polonio, University of Minnesota: "Testing the level of consistency between choices and beliefs in games using eye-tracking"

May 20

Frederic Koessler, Paris School of Economics: "Interactive Information Design"

May 27

Luc Doyen, University of Bordeaux: "The tragedy of open ecosystems"

June 25

William Phan, North Carolina State University

October 21

Pierpaolo Battigalli, Bocconi University



March 19

Linda Nøstbakken, Norwegian School of Economics
How much does anticipation matter? Evidence from anticipated regulation and land prices

April 16

Aniol Llorente-Saguer, Queen Mary University
The Marginal Voter's Curse

May 14

Andrew Ellis, London School of Economics
Aversion to (Possibly) Correlated Risks

September 24

Estelle Cantillon, Université libre de Bruxelles
Information aggregation in emissions markets with abatement

October 29

Sean Horan, University of Montréal
Precision May Harm: The Comparative Statics of Imprecise Judgement

November 19

Tommy Andersson, Lund University
Dynamic Refugee Matching



March 6

Robert Schmidt, Humboldt University
The political economy of climate policy


March 27


Miguel Ballester, University of Oxford

 June 9


Manel Baucells, University of Virginia
Preferences Over Sequences

October 30

Enrico Diecidue, INSEAD
Temporal Risk Resolution: Utility versus Probability Weighting Approaches

November 20

Alex Teytelboym, Oxford University



February 29

Christopher Chambers, UCLA, San Diego

October 24

Thierry Marchant, Ghent University

November 14

Agnieszka Rusinowska, Paris School of Economics
Strategic influence in social networks

November 25

Oscar Volij, Ben Gurion University

December 5

Alan D. Miller, University of Haifa



March 23

Bettina Klaus, University of Lausanne

April 20

Antonio Nicolo, University of Manchester

May 4

Francois Maniquet, UC Louvain

October 25   

Ozgur Kibris, Sabanci University

November 16

Nicolas Gravel, Aix Marseille University
Ranking distributions of an ordinal attributes

December 9

Tore Nilssen, University of Oslo
Delegation in Regulation

December 11

Sophie Bade, Royal Holloway, London



April 1

Marko Lindroos, University of Helsinki
Fisheries and optimal eutrophication management

June 2

John Stovall, University of Warwick 

September 10

Juan Moreno Ternero, Pablo Olavide University
The axiomatic approach to the problem of sharing the revenue from bundled pricing

October 31 

Sidartha Gordon, Sciences Po
Information Choice and Diversity: The Role of Strategic Complementarities

November 3

Jelena Grujic, Center for Complexity Science at Imperial College, London
Does network reciprocity promote cooperation? Experiments, theory and back

November 17

Koen Decancq, University of Antwerp and CORE-UC Louvain
Multidimensional poverty measurement with individual preferences

December 4

Oriol Tejada, ETH Zurich


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