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Publications 2023-2024

[BioNEC-106] Møller, Delphine N; Kofoed, Christian; Thygesen, Mikkel B; Sørensen, Kasper K; Jensen, Knud J. Highly selective chemical modification of poly-His tagged peptides and proteins. Methods in Enzymology, Volume 698 (2024), 111-139. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-105] Malle, Mette Galsgaard; Song, Ping; Löffler, Philipp M. G.; Kalisi, Nazmie; Yan, Yan; Valero, Julian; Vogel, Stefan; Kjems, Jørgen. Programmable RNA loading of extracellular vesicles with toehold-release purification. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2024), 146, 12410-12422. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-104] Zhang, Xialin; Malle, Mette Galsgaard; Thomsen, Rasmus P.; Sørensen, Rasmus Schoeler; Sørensen, Emily Winther; Hatzakis, Nikos S.; Kjems, Jørgen. Deconvolutingthe effect of cell-penetrating peptidesfor enhancedand controlled insertion of large-scale DNA nanopores. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2024), 16, 18422–18433. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-103] Bender, Steen W. B.; Dreisler, Marcus W.; Zhang, Min; Kaestel-Hansen, Jacob; Hatzakis, Nikos S. SEMORE: SEgmentation and MORphological fingErprinting by machine learning automates super-resolution data analysis. Nature Communications (2024), 15, 1763. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-102] Dinesen, Anders; Andersen, Veronica L.; Elkhashab, Marwa; Pilati, Diego; Bech, Pernille; Fuchs, Elisabeth; Samuelsen, Torbjørn R.; Winther, Alexander; Cai, Yunpeng; Marcher, Anders; Wall, Archie; Omer, Marjan; Nielsen, Jesper S.; Chudasama, Vijay; Baker, James R.; Gothelf, Kurt V.; Wengel, Jesper; Kjems, Jørgen; Howard, Kenneth A. An albumin-Holliday junction biomolecular modular design for programmable multifunctionality and prolonged circulation. Bioconjugate Chemistry (2024), 35, 214-222. [Abstract]

[BioNEC-101] Danielsen, Mathias B.; Mao, Hanbin; Lou, Chenguang. Peptide-DNA conjugates as building blocks for de novo design of hybrid nanostructures. Cell Reports Physical Science (2023), 4, 101620. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-100] Löffler, Philipp M. G.; Risgaard, Nikolaj Alexander; Svendsen, Bettina L.; Jepsen, Katrine A.; Rabe, Alexander; Vogel, Stefan. Label-free observation of DNA-encoded liposome fusion by surface plasmon resonance. Chem. Commun., (2023), 59, 10548–10551. [Abstract]

[BioNEC-99] Tian, Xinwei; Risgaard, Nikolaj Alexander; Löffler, Philipp M. G.; Vogel, Stefan. DNA-Programmed lipid nanoreactors for synthesis of carbohydrate mimetics by fusion of aqueous sub-attoliter compartments. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2023), 145, 19633–19641. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-98] Ruck, Vanessa; Mishra, Narendra K.; Sørensen, Kasper K.; Liisberg, Mikkel B.; Sloth, Ane B.; Cerretani, Cecilia; Møllerup, Christian B.; Kjær, Andreas; Lou, Chenguang; Jensen, Knud J.; Vosch, Tom. Bioconjugation of a near-infrared DNA-stabilized silver nanocluster to peptides and human insulin by copper-free click chemistry. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2023), 145, 16771–16777. [Abstract]

[BioNEC-97] Zhang, Xialin; Galenkamp, Nicole Stephanie; van der Heide, Nieck Jordy; Moreno, Julian; Maglia, Giovanni; Kjems, Jørgen. Specific detection of proteins by a nanobody-functionalized nanopore sensor. ACS Nano (2023), 17, 9167-9177. [Abstract]

[BioNEC-96] Benning, Nils A.; Kæstel-Hansen, Jacob; Rashid, Fahad; Park, Sangwoo; Merino Urteaga, Raquel; Liao, Ting-Wei; Hao, Jingzhou; Berger, James M.; Hatzakis, Nikos S.; Ha, Taekjip. Dimensional reduction for single-molecule imaging of DNA and nucleosome condensation by polyamines, HP1α and Ki-67. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. (2023), 127, 1922-1931. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-95] Wu, Shunliang; Østergaard, Mads; Fredholt, Freja; Christensen, Niels Johan; Sørensen, Kasper K.; Mishra, Narendra K.; Nielsen, Hanne M.; and Jensen, Knud J. Ca2+-Responsive glyco-insulin. Bioconjugate Chem. (2023), 34, 3, 518–528. [Abstract]

[BioNEC-94] Bohr, Freja; Bohr, Søren S-R; Mishra, Narendra Kumar; González-Foutel, Nicolás Sebastian; Pinholt, Henrik Dahl; Wu, Shunliang; Nielsen, Emilie Milan; Zhang, Min; Kjaergaard, Magnus; Jensen, Knud J.; and Hatzakis, Nikos S. Enhanced hexamerization of insulin via assembly pathway rerouting revealed by single particle studies. Communications Biology (2023), 6, 178. [Open Access]

[BioNEC-93] Thorlaksen, Camilla; Schultz, Heidi S.; Gammelgaard, Simon K.; Jiskoot, Wim; Hatzakis, Nikos S.; Nielsen, Flemming S.; Solberg, Helene; Fodera, Vito; Bartholdy, Christina; Groenning, Minna. In vitro and in vivo immunogenicity assessment of protein aggregate characteristics. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2023), 631, 122490. [Abstract]

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