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Plan your study day

When planning your semester, you must:

  1. Define your major and intermediate milestones throughout the semester
  2. Estimate the time spent between each milestone
  3. Fill out a semester calendar with your milestones

Get a pdf wich in 6 steps explanes how to plan a semester. 

You plan your week by;

  1. Fill out a weekly calendar with weekly set milestones
  2. Fill in the weekly calendar with your leisure activities
  3. Plan your study activities in the weekly calendar
  4. Schedule buffer time in the weekly calendar

If necessary, make a semester plan first, as it can help you with the weekly planning. 

You plan your study day by;

  1. First, define your realistic goals for today's studies
  2. Next, plan learning activities that lead to your goals
  3. Now plan your break activities
  4. Find a timer to time both your work time and that break time
  5. End the day by evaluating your activities and make a preliminary daily schedule for the next day's studies

Plan your goals so that they are "SMART" and use the pomodoro technique to manage your day with.

Here is a video on the way, which is about planning his everyday study

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Last Updated 14.06.2024