MSc in Economics and Business Administration - Management of Innovation Processes

This programme is offered in Odense and in English

Innovation is the key driver of long term growth – and to development of sustained competitive advantages. This programme focuses on management of innovation processes. The programme provides skills in managing business level and corporate level projects that involve development, introduction, and implementation of new technologies and methods. In particular, you learn to connect the technological aspects of the business with the commercial aspects. Through the programme, you will learn about important methods for management of technological innovation and business development. You also gain knowledge about and skills in using methods and tools that support business development, consulting, and management of innovation processes.

The profile Management of Innovation Processes consists of six constituent courses: Foundations of Strategy, Foundations of Organization, and Management of Technology, Business Strategy, Organization of Innovation, and Theories and Methods of Technological Change. These courses combine three distinct tracks: The first relates to formulating and implementing strategy, the second to analysing and designing innovative organizations, and the third to management of technology. Each track has a clear progression that develops your knowledge about theories and how to apply these to practical business issues.

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