Campus Odense

Wide horizons
And open minds ... the Odense campus has a high professional level and a vibrant study environment. Almost all students are gathered under one roof, and this means that you will meet lots of different students from various courses every day. You will be able to socialise and extend both your knowledge and your circle of friends.

When you visit us in Odense, you will arrive at the campus square, where you will find the pleasant campus café, Studenterboghandlen (the university bookshop, this page is in Danish only), and several peaceful reading rooms.

Moving further down along Gydehutten, the main avenue on the campus, you will see seating and open areas, the university canteen (this page is in Danish only), relaxation areas, footbridges and narrow passages. You can read undisturbed in the study zones in a peaceful area.

Some way down Gydehutten you will find the Syddansk Universitetsbibliotek (SDU university library) where you’ll find all the text books and journals related to your course.

Student life
The Odense campus offers a varied study life with opportunities for masses of social and study-related experiences. If, for example, you want to see some selected quality films in the university’s own cinema, you can join Filmklubben (the university film club, this page is in Danish only). Club members meet and watch a new film every week.

Studentermenigheden (the student congregation and the university priest, this page is in Danish only) are also represented on campus, open to everybody. You can offer your ideas and bring initiatives to life together with other students. The university priest is the contact person for the newly established Rum til fordybelse (Meditation Room, this page in Danish only), where both the faithful and others can reflect and hold a mental siesta.

The Odense campus is also home to association for Muslim students. Muslimsk Studenter Union (Muslim Students’ Union, this page in Danish only) is non-political and represents Muslim students’ social, academic and cultural interests. The association is especially focused on shared activities at SDU, and non-Muslim students can also participate.

Student life can include politics
The students’ involvement is essential for each study programme where influence can be pursued in the respective department councils and academic study boards. Student involvement is also important for the general conditions at the university and in the individual faculties. In this context, it is possible to join the student-political organisations such as Syddanske Studerende (students of Southern Denmark) and SamS.

In addition, there are party-political associations such as Frit Forum (Social Democratic Students, this page is in Danish only) and Borgerlige Studerende (Conservative and Liberal Students, this page is in Danish only) at the University of Southern Denmark.

Professional and social networks
Sport is a great way to meet new friends from other study programmes. DSIO (student sports association) offers a range of different activities.

You can also join social networks together with other young people, for example Rotaract (this page is in Danish only) which is independent with non-political, religious or financial interests.

If you like Icelandic sagas, Finnish saunas, new Swedish rock or the mountains of northern Norway Foreningen Nordens Ungdom (the Association of Nordic Youth, this page is in Danish only) may be for you. The association works to promote language and cultural understanding across borders.

Fredagsbaren (the Friday Bar, this page is in Danish only) started in the mid-80s, not all at once, but when students started to meet over a Friday beer or two! The Friday “Barty” was established after a few years.

Erasmus Student Network
The network consists of Danish students who provide peer support to international students. You can help to arrange social activities such as excursions, café nights and parties for international students in Odense.

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