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Sustainability at SDU

Welcome to SDU's sustainable universe. Here you can find the latest news about SDU's work with sustainability regarding research, education and operation. If you want to work with sustainability you can also find information on who to contact.

The University of Southern Denmark wants to promote sustainable development and research.
For instance, this is done through:

  • Contributions to sustainable development through research and education programmes
  • Insight into the central role of universities in developing sustainable solutions to the world’s sustainability challenges
  • Work with sustainability-promoting projects and initiatives for students and employees
  • Implementing sustainable solutions and improving daily operations at the University
  • Respect for individual freedom of research and the right to opt in or out of sustainability research

On this page you will find relevant information about SDU’s sustainability work in both everyday life and operations at the University, research at the University and news about SDU’s sustainability work.


Learn more about SDU's work with sustainability