SDU’s Sustainable Development Goals Forum

SDU’s Sustainable Development Goals Forum

2,116 employees and students vote on 12 initiatives proposed by students and staff members jointly across research, educations and Central Administration.

SDU’s Sustainable Development Goals Forum is SDU’s community for staff members and students. The main events in the forum consist of two annual joint events. The first event was SDU’s Sustainable Development Goals Forum’s kick-off event, which was held on 24 September. 300 staff members and students participated in an open discussion and joint development of ideas. 2,116 staff members and students then voted on 12 proposals for initiatives that SDU should continue to work on.

Debates, presentations and networking in the academic environment among researchers, programmes, students and staff members provide the foundation for developing ideas and qualifying specific initiatives in SDU’s work on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals – prior to, during and after the annual joint events. In the long term, SDU will also invite representatives from the business world, the public sector and other operators to inspire new ideas and actions.

The next event will take place on 2 April 2020. Further details will follow. 


Timeline for the Sustainable Development Goals Forum

  • Identify challenges

    Academic specialisations at the faculties and in general areas – challenge owners prepared and defined challenges.
  • Invite participants

    All students and staff at SDU were invited to SDU’s Sustainable Development Goals Forum 2019 and kick-off.
  • Participants share proposals for solutions

    Kick-off of at the SDU’s Sustainable Development Goals Forum, where participants came up with solutions to the defined challenges.
  • Evaluation of proposals for solutions

    The solution proposals are sent back to the challenge owners of the defined challenges, which point out solutions that SDU must first act on. These proposals are put to the vote among all students and staff.
  • Prototyping / Implementing solutions

    The solutions are presented to the SDU’s board of directors, after which the work on the development of prototypes and experiments are initiated.

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